MS in Leadership Coaching Psychology

Considered one of the emerging specialties in psychology, the study of leadership and coaching aims not only to learn the philosophy and theories of leadership development, but also give students a better understanding of their own leadership aptitude. A Master of Science degree in Leadership and Coaching Psychology can take graduates down a number of paths. While coursework includes the basic study of psychological analysis, career paths with such a degree can follow the mental health path or venture on toward business and leadership development opportunities – such as human resources managers or executive coaches. Job settings typically include private practices, businesses, consulting companies, and schools.

Steps Toward an MS in Leadership Coaching Psychology

To become a leadership and coaching psychologist, requirements vary significantly by state. Successful students typically complete the following steps:

  1. Earn proper undergraduate degree (requirements vary by state). Common undergraduate degrees include Bachelor of Science programs in education, psychology or human services.
  2. Earn proper graduate degree (requirements vary by state) from an accredited institution like Purdue, Liberty, or Walden University. Typically includes completing a Master of Science degree with a concentration in leadership coaching psychology.
  3. Obtain proper licensure (requirements vary by state).
  4. Participate in continuing education. There is no formal regulatory board for this profession, although many professionals embark on continuing education courses in counseling or psychology.

Professionals in the field should consider membership with the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP). Membership in the ISCP is offered at various levels, including student membership. Benefits include subscription to the society’s newsletter and online publication, guidance on courses and workshops, private and public online forums, and the ability to network with an international community of coaching psychologists.

My Degree and What It’s Worth

This degree may allow you to work with businesses or individuals, with patients looking for self improvement, or groups looking to increase their own efficiency and cohesiveness. A leadership and coaching psychologist is typically responsible for the following job duties:

  • Study the organizational dynamics, interviewing, and observational strategies of a company or department.
  • Conduct quantitative reasoning and analysis in management and/or leadership.
  • Focus on contemporary issues and practices of psychology in relation to contemporary business strategies.
  • Counsel clients on business management and leadership or career transition issues.

Annual salary varies within the profession based on specific type of job, location, and experience. For more on your earning potential in the field of coaching psychology, please visit our salary outlook for counselors page.

Online MS in Leadership Coaching Psychology Degree Programs

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