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The rising cost of higher education is making it more and more difficult to attend college. Even with financial aid packages, loans, and work study programs some students are coming up short. The graph to the right shows just how much costs have risen over the past few decades.

That is why it has become more important than ever to find scholarships that can assist you when you need it the most. We have taken the time to research and list ten great counseling related scholarships.

Clinton E. Phillips Scholarship

Offered by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, the Clinton E. Phillips Scholarship is named after Clinton E. Phillips who was dedicated to furthering MTF education. The scholarship is for students studying marriage and family counseling who are in the process of obtaining an advanced degree.

Scholarship Information:

  • Applicant has to be enrolled in an approved or accredited degree program – leading to a degree which meets the Sections 4980.37, 4980.40 and 4980.41 of the Business and Professions Code or is licensed as a marriage and family therapist and is pursuing advanced training in an accredited or approved degree program.
  • Applicant has a demonstrated financial need as established by the Scholarship Committee.

AMHCA Foundation Student Travel Award Scholarship

The American Mental Health Counselor Association extends the Travel Award Scholarship to current graduate level students of clinical and mental health. The scholarship is meant to cover the traveling expenses of graduate students who plan on attending the annual AMHCHA Conference in Seattle Washington.

Scholarship Information:

  • Any graduate student attending an accredited counseling program is eligible for the scholarship
  • Applicants have to complete the application form and submit it and other supporting materials, which includes an essay, a resume, and a letter of recommendation from a program faculty member
  • All materials must be sent via e-mail to Sharon Cyrus-Savary, AMHCA Foundation scholarship award chair, by March 15, 2014

Master’s Degree Scholarship in Psychology and Counseling

Posted on DegreeDirectory.com, the Master’s Degree Scholarship in Psychology and Counseling is a $500 annual scholarship for students pursuing their advanced degree in psychology or counseling.

Scholarship Information:

  • This scholarship is available to students enrolled in a graduate-level psychology or counseling degree program
  • Selection is based on a student’s academic history, extracurricular involvements, and job history
  • Eligible applicants have to be full-time students during the academic year the scholarship is issued to them

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students

A scholarship from the Health Resources and Services Administration designed for students coming from underprivileged financial situations. In order to qualify the scholarship applicant must pursue a counseling degree or a degree in the mental health field.

Scholarship Information:

  • Participating schools are responsible for selecting scholarship recipients, students must enrolled in health professions and nursing programs
  • The scholarship covers reasonable educational expenses as well as reasonable living expenses

OSCA Graduate Student Scholarship

The Ohio School Counselor Association extends two $1,000 scholarships to students currently perusing their school counseling Master’s Degree. Their mission is to help the state of Ohio by promoting mental health education and resources.

Scholarship Information:

  • The applicant must currently attend a Master’s in School Counselor program in the state of Ohio
  • They must have completed at least six semester-hours of graduate school course work
  • Must have an active student membership with the OSCA

Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

This scholarship is issued to women who have suffered at the hands of an abuser. Funded by the a private family foundation, the goal of the scholarship is to assist former domestic abuse victims with education.

Scholarship Information:

  • The applicant must apply to or have been officially accepted into an accredited course of study at a United States school
  • Must exhibit a strong desire and the aptitude to complete a degree program
  • Has received services from a non-profit, domestic violence organization for a at least six consecutive months

Albert Hood Promising Scholar Award

Named after Professor Albert Hood who joined at the University of Iowa in 1965, this scholarship is aimed at financial assisting graduate students in the Department of Rehabilitation and Counselor Education.

Scholarship Information:

  • Scholarship was created by Dr. Hood’s wife after he retired from the university
  • The reward is given out annually

Charles M. Bennett Memorial Scholarship Award

This scholarship was established by the family of Dr. Charles M. Bennett a professor who taught at Slippery Rock University from 1963 to 1986. It awards a scholarship in recognition of high academic performance and according to the financial need of the student.

Scholarship Information:

  • The award amount varies from year to year
  • Awarded to students annually
  • Must use scholarship towards a graduate degree in the Department of Counseling and Development

National Association of Junior Auxiliaries, Inc. Graduate Scholarship Program

The scholarship was created in 1962 and has been awarded to over 400 students over the years. The goal of the scholarship is to assist students studying in fields that can directly help children with special needs.

Scholarship Information:

  • Must work with or plan on working with children with special needs
  • Must plan on attending a United States university
  • Must be studying in a mental health/special needs field

The Family Institute at Northwestern University

The Family Institute at Northwestern University offers scholarships to students enrolled in their program with awards ranging from $1,500 to $5,000. Students from diverse ethnic backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

Scholarship Information:

  • Must have experience working on research projects
  • Have assisted a professor on a scholarly project
  • Must have clinical work in the Family Institute Community program

If you are looking for financial assistance and you qualify for any of the above scholarships make sure you apply as soon as possible. If you wait too long you may miss out on the opportunity to receive the financial aid that you deserve.

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