Top Counseling Resources on the Web

In difficult times a professional counselor can give the necessary advice and perspective to provide relief from job stress, relationship difficulties, and even substance addiction and serious mental health problems. Counselors are trained to listen well, provide sound advice, and recommend the best treatment or course of action to help patients get through traumatic events and rough patches in life.

These sites are not presented in order of quality or preference. They are all fantastic. The categories are numbered for easier navigation. This list is a collection of the best sites on counseling from around the web, in the hopes that counselors or students wanting to become counselors will be inspired to learn more and strive to be the best counselors they can be.

Grief & Anxiety Counseling

  1. AI-Therapy Blog

    This blog is geared towards anxiety topics and information as well as topics about cognitive behavioral therapy. The site has vast information about mental disorders and tips on coping with these illnesses.

  2. OCD, Panic & Anxiety Blog

    This blog touches on important topics in the OCD, panic, and anxiety disorder community. Readers can find posts about identifying the disorder, finding help, and coping with symptoms.

  3. Counselor Barb

    Counselor Barb is the site for Barb LoFrisco who offers individual and couples counseling. This site has information on who needs counseling, what to expect from counseling, and general tips to help people cope with common stress factors in life.

  4. Anxiety Coach

    The Anxiety Coach provides information for those living with one of the many types of anxiety disorders. Visitors will find information about certain types of anxiety disorders, what causes these illnesses, overcoming the disorders, and how to find help.

  5. Anxiety Therapy

    Many people in this country are living with chronic and severe anxiety; this site is dedicated to those who suffer from an anxiety disorder and who could benefit from therapy. This site offers users the chance to receive online therapy and help for their anxiety disorders.

  6. The Center for Stress and Anxiety Management

    This site focuses on evidence based treatments for people who live with anxiety disorders. Users will find information about different types of anxiety disorders and learn ways to cope with these conditions.

  7. Hello Grief

    Hello Grief is a place for people to share and talk about loss and grief. It allows people to openly deal with their emotions as an important part of the recovery process.

  8. Anxiety Center

    The Anxiety Center is a site dedicated to providing information and resources concerning anxiety disorders and panic attacks. This site takes an approach to anxiety like it is a learned condition instead of chemical imbalance or illness.

  9. The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute

    The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute is a facility which offers treatment for anxiety and stress related illness. This website provides visitors with information about treatment, recovery, and living with stress and anxiety.

  10. Anxiety Relief

    Anxiety Relief is a site which offers comprehensive information and help on many different types of anxiety and stress related conditions. Information offered is intended to help readers get rid of negative thinking, fears, and emotional stress.

  11. Calm Clinic

    Calm is something a person with anxiety rarely feels, but the Calm Clinic site hopes to offer people the resources to get them there. The Calm Clinic provides readers with information about coping with stress and anxiety in everyday life situations.

  12. Grief Healing

    Coping with loss and experiencing grief is an unfortunate part of life, and most people need added support to get back to normal. This site offers resources for people who are dealing with loss, included an explanation of the grieving process and where to get support.

  13. Center for Grief Recovery & Therapeutic Services

    This website explores loss in its many forms and offers specific help and information about different kinds of grief. Users can find useful articles and advice on the site as well as information about treatment in a center or with a therapist.

  14. Center for Loss and Renewal

    This site is hosted by a leading psychotherapy and consultation group that specializes in life transition therapy. Site visitors will find information on ‘getting back to normal’ after a loss as well as resources for people who are seeking treatment.

  15. National Alliance for Grieving Children

    The National Alliance for Grieving Children is organization dedicated exclusively to helping children who have experienced the loss of a loved one. This site has information about getting help for a grieving child as well as how the people around them can help them cope.

  16. The American Academy of Grief Counseling

    This site is focused on helping the people who want to help others on a professional level. Site users can find information and materials about certification programs as well as resources for becoming a better counselor.

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Art & Music Therapy

Art and music therapy have gained a lot of traction in recent years, even if they are still fairly underutilized compared to more standard forms of counseling. These bloggers are advocating for more art and music in the world of therapy and counseling because of the proven positive effects these methods can have in mental health treatment.

  1. Adventures in Art Therapy

    This blog is written by an art therapist who is on a mission to offer her insight on art therapy. The author shares her valuable knowledge gained through formal training as well as her hands on experiences in this lesser known area of therapy.

  2. Art Therapy Spot

    The Art Therapy Spot blog offers readers resourceful information on how to use art to heal the mind. Topics covered include how to use design and techniques in creating art to impact your mood and feelings.

  3. Buckeye Art Therapy Association

    The Buckeye Art Therapy Association is an affiliate chapter of The American Art Therapy Association, and provides a range of art therapy services including trainings, symposia, and a directory of art therapists. The site has materials for professional art therapist and their clients.

  4. Expressive Art Inspirations

    This blog offers information about using various types of art and expression as a means of spiritual healing. It provides knowledge on using one’s creativity to battle personal demons and heal themselves mentally.

  5. Medical Art Therapy Blog

    The writer of this blog is an artist who works in a community center teaching art to children and adults. This blog offers insights on the medical benefits of expression through art and how allowing oneself to use art as an outlet can help them become a stronger person.

  6. Art Therapy Without Borders, Inc.

    This site is hosted by a non-profit incorporation for charitable, educational, and networking purposes to promote, develop, and support international art therapy initiatives and the work of art therapists worldwide. The site provides information on what projects the organization is working on and also spotlights the people who run it.

  7. Global Alliance for Arts in Healthcare

    This site is an extension of the non-profit organization, Global Alliance for Arts in Healthcare which is focused on integrating the arts into healthcare. The purpose of the site is to educate, provide resources, recruit members, and connect the community of those who are joined together in the effort of promoting arts in healthcare.

  8. American Art Therapy Association

    The American Art Therapy Association is an organization that connects people who need to learn how to heal themselves through art with the professionals who can help them. On the site, information and news is available as well as a mound of resources about art therapy.

  9. Music Therapy Maven

    This site is the result of the efforts of a certified music therapist, Kimberly Sena Moore. Readers can find information about music therapy itself, developing your own art therapy practice, and learn about the therapists personal journey through school and establishing herself in her field.

  10. Rhythm for Good

    Kat Fulton is a certified music therapist who runs this site with the intention of creating awareness about the good effect music has on our health. Readers will find information about music therapy itself as a profession, as well as how to apply this practice to your life.

  11. The George Center for Music Therapy, Inc.

    This site is dedicated to helping people learn about the benefits of music therapy as well as find valuable resources for someone wanting to start music therapy. The blog breaks down different methods and techniques used in this field as well as keeps readers up to date on event s and news in the industry.

  12. The Mindful Music Therapist

    The creator of this blog is a certified music therapist at a state run facility who and has vast hands on experience using music therapy for healing. Her insights are based on her interactions with the people she helps while doing her job.

  13. Music Therapy Research Blog

    This blog was created to act as a reliable forum for therapists interested in running an evidence-based music therapy practice. It focuses greatly on the facts surrounding this lesser known form of therapy.

  14. Milestone Music Therapy

    This site is focused on helping children reach their developmental milestones through the use of music therapy. The site provides information on getting children involved in music therapy as well as information about the practice itself.

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Addiction Counseling

Addiction counselors can help people with substance abuse issues get clean and stay clean through both medical and psychological methods. The sites below feature general info on addiction counseling and specific recommendations on how and when to get in touch with an addiction counselor if necessary.

  1. Addiction Blog

    The Addiction Blog offers resources for someone who’s trying to kick an addiction themselves, or help someone else recover. features regular updates on drug and alcohol addiction treatment methods and how to tell if someone you know is addicted.

  2. Addiction Counseling with Rabbi Mitch

    The Addiction Counseling with Rabbi Mitch blog takes a non-traditional stance on addiction. This site is geared towards those who want to try recovering from an addiction using faith based techniques and inspiration.

  3. Counselor Magazine Blog: Addiction, Mental & Behavioral Health Professionals

    The Counselor Magazine Blog is based on the publication, Counselor, the Magazine Addiction Professionals. Contributors of this blog cover all areas of addiction including substance abuse, shopping addictions, and sexual addiction.

  4. Addiction Land

    Addiction Land is a blog that covers any and all types of addiction and is a community of addicts, professionals, and other resources. It exposes the deep truths of about addiction to begin the recovery process.

  5. Purple Addiction Counseling Blog

    Purple Addiction Counseling Blog is written and directed specifically for men who struggle from addiction. This site offers information about drug and alcohol abuse and recovery, as well as resources for healing.

  6. Addiction Professional

    This blog has multiple contributors, each of which addresses a different type of addict. The audience includes addicts who are business professionals, teens, and even members of the LGBT community and their unique experiences.

  7. Smart Recovery

    Smart Recovery is a network of addiction recovery counseling and groups, the blog focuses on the recovery process as well as group therapy topics for addicts. This blog offers information and resources on addiction as well as addiction counseling.

  8. Clarity Way

    This blog is written and maintained by the Clarity Way Rehab Center that offers addiction rehabilitation services. Readers can find information about addiction as well as addiction treatment.

  9. The Canyon

    This addiction information blog covers topics that focus on what causes addiction and the consequences of abusing drugs and alcohol. It is meant to be a resource for addiction prevent, detection of an addict, and how to seek help for recovery.

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Christian Counseling

Many pastors provide counseling services to their parishioners or members of their communities, but anyone who is interested can find a Christian counselor and begin to work on personal issues in a faith-based context.

  1. Bible Counseling Coalition

    This is the website for the Bible Counseling Coalition which seeks to connect caregivers, people who need care, and those who train on giving care. It also offers many valuable resources for Christian counseling and information about the field itself.

  2. Counseling 4 Christians

    Counseling 4 Christians offers an assortment of faith-based counseling services, including connections with Christian counselors and quotations from scripture that are relevant to the stresses and difficulties that often lead people to seek counseling.

  3. Counseling One Another

    Counseling One Another is a site focused on bible-based counseling and healing. This site teaches the importance of mental well-being through spiritual growth and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  4. Counseling Solutions

    This site is based on counseling which uses the core values of the Christian religion. Readers will find articles on Christian counseling and healing through Christ, as well as information and resources for finding help.

  5. Association of Biblical Counselors

    The Association of Biblical Counselors is a group which addresses every mental health issue with spiritual solutions to mental illness. The site features information and helpful advice on battling various mental conditions by empowering oneself using the teachings of the bible.

  6. Christian Counseling & Education Foundation

    This site is dedicated to helping people who are struggling with various mental issues from ADHD to depression, and teaches readers about the power of faith-based healing. Readers will learn about the wisdom and depth of the Bible and how to use this knowledge to handle everyday life circumstances and cope with major life events.

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Relationship Counseling

Everything from career moves to cranky kids can put a strain on even the strongest marriages. Relationship counselors help couples work through conflict and not only repair, but strengthen their bond.

  1. Marriage Fitness

    This site promises to offer couples alternative solutions to traditional marriage counseling to save their relationship. Tips about the marriage fitness program can be found on the site as well as resources for getting outside help.

  2. Thriving Couples

    This is the website for marriage therapist, Dr. Bing Wall who offers traditional marriage counseling to couples. On this site, readers will find many useful articles on common marital issues as well as resources for seeking therapy.

  3. San Diego Therapist Blog

    The San Diego Therapist Blog is run by a professional marriage therapist, Jennine Estes, who offers individual counseling, couples counseling, LGBT counseling, and premarital counseling. Topics covered range from picking the right type of counseling to fixing problems within a marriage and more.

  4. I Don’t Want This Divorce

    This site focuses mainly on what an individual can do to save their marriage and how to cope once it has reached the stage of divorce. Readers can find helpful information and tips on personal growth as well as resources for outside help.

  5. The Marriage Counseling Blog

    This blog is dedicated to helping the individual and the couple work on building a happy marriage and repairing a broken marriage. Site users can find advice on self-help, how to work together as a couple, and how to find outside help for a marriage.

  6. Couples Therapy Blog

    The main contributor of this blog is a marriage therapist who offers counseling to couples to build a strong marriage. Readers can find posts that cover how to build a strong marriage and how to come back from problems.

  7. American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

    The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy is an association of over 50,000 marriage and family therapists in America and other areas of the globe. This site offers education and knowledge to the members as well as a directory of professionals for site users.

  8. Chris Kingman

    Chris Kingman is a New York license therapist who also provides helpful advice about relationships and self-growth through his blog. On this blog readers can learn valuable DIY self-help and couples therapy tips as well as resources for finding outside help.

  9. Marriage Counseling Hope

    This site is made to offer hope to people who feel like their marriage is beyond saving and whom have had troubles finding suitable help. The blog is written by a marriage counselor who has seen it all and has vast knowledge and can offer helpful tips on saving a broken marriage.

  10. Dr. Romance Blog

    This blog is focused on love, relationships, celebrities, culture and life in general from the perspective of Dr. Romance. The owner of the site, Dr. Romance, has written eight books on relationships and has lots of advice when it comes to healing a broken relationship.

  11. Gay Therapist

    Gay Therapist is a site that promotes gay positive therapy for gay men and gay couples. This site offers extremely insightful information on how to resolve conflicts within a gay relationship and how to become a strong person and positive couple.

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School and Children’s Counseling

School counselors help students at all levels to develop the social and academic skills they need to succeed. While they have a reputation for working with troubled kids, school counselors can be a huge help to just about any young person trying to make it through the school system.

  1. Child in Mind

    This website is written to speak to parents of children, caregivers, professionals, and law makers on how to apply contemporary research to help children. The site is run by a pediatric specialist who hopes by sharing her stories, she will educate people on helping children.

  2. Child Psych

    Child Psych is an informative site about psychology issues specific to children. Parents, caregivers, and educators can find helpful articles on early childhood topics.

  3. A Thin Line

    A Thin Line is a project run by MTV which promotes awareness of cyberbullying. This site provides information on awareness and prevention of cyberbullying.

  4. I (Heart) School Counseling

    This blog is written by a former journalist who is a newly turned school counselor. She opens up to readers about her experiences in starting over in this field and important things she thinks parents need to know as a counselor.

  5. School Counseling Matters

    Rick Scheibner is a professional school counselor who is reaching out to parents and caregivers through his blog in hopes to educate people on the needs of children. The professionally written content of this blog is meant to spark important conversations between teachers, students, and parents.

  6. The Counseling Geek

    This school counseling blog is made specifically for techies who are interested in integrating modern technology into counseling. Readers will find articles concerning current events in the field and how to implement computer programs to help children in school.

  7. The Extraordinary School Counselor

    The Extraordinary School Counselor is a blog written by a school counseling supervisor and counseling educator. Readers will find information on how to improve the way schools teach and other helpful topics on childhood development.

  8. From the Counselor’s Office

    This blog is dedicated to offering information, thoughts, and resources on school counseling issues. Posts provide tips on becoming a more effective counselor and where to find extra education in this area.

  9. Books That Heal Kids

    Books can be a very helpful tool when it comes to grief recovery, and this site is dedicated to those books which are made for children. The site reviews books which are written to address issues a child may be dealing with.

  10. School Counselor Blog

    This blog is written by an elementary school counselor as a way to collaborate with parents and other counselors across the country. The posts offer both advice and perspective on common issues with children at school.

  11. The School Counselor’s Chronicle

    A school counselor owns this blog and is writing to connect with other counselors, school workers, and parents. Topics include real-life experiences in the counseling profession.

  12. Teens Against Bullying

    Teens Against Bullying is a project to unite teenagers who promise to help put an end to bullying. The site features information about bullying as well as resources for help.

  13. Edukate and Inspire

    Kate is a second grade teacher and owner of this blog who is trying to share her thoughts and experiences with early childhood issues. Readers are able to follow the everyday happenings of an elementary school teacher and gain insight on the profession as well as advice on children.

  14. Elementary School Counseling

    The Elementary School Counseling site is made specifically to discuss topics specific to elementary-aged counseling. Posts are meant to be thought provoking to counselors and discuss different methods and techniques used by different counselors.

  15. jyjoyner Counselor

    Andrea is a school counselor who made this blog to share her personal and professional experiences in her field. Posts are both humorous and informative and the writer also shares helpful resources for other counselors.

  16. Savvy School Counselor

    This blog is written to be informative and helpful for those looking to make a difference in a child’s life. The author is a counselor who shares helpful resources and tips she has learned through her education and experiences.

  17. Scrapbook of a School Counselor

    This site takes a scrapbook-like approach to sharing topics about school counseling. Posts are made up of videos and photos with content about the life of a school counselor.

  18. Corner on Character

    This blog is meant to spotlight people who do their part to make the world better and inspire other people to do the same. All posts in this blog are meant to encourage unity and are written with extreme positivity.

  19. School Counseling by Heart

    School Counseling by Heart is a site that speaks about counseling from the heart. It discusses topics on caring for ourselves as well as one another in an effort to create a positive nation.

  20. School Counselor Blog

    This blog is meant to be a place where school counselors can share their thoughts and ideas with other counselors and caregivers of children. Topics include current events in school counseling as well as helpful advice and tips on providing counseling services.

  21. American Counseling Association

    The American Counseling Association is an organization which is dedicated to providing resources to both counselors and those who receive counseling services. This site is full of information about the profession as well as resources for students learning this profession and people seeking help .

  22. St. Louis Center for Play Therapy Training

    This site is ran by a professional therapy center which specializes in play therapy training. Site users can find valuable resources for continuing education through this specialty type of training as well as tips from the professionals in this field.

  23. Callie’s School Counseling Website

    Callie’s School Counseling Website is written by a school counselor starting her career. Posts include insightful tips about counseling as well as a personalized look at the journey of a new counselor.

  24. Life Lessons for Little Ones

    Life Lessons for Little Ones is a site designed to help caregivers of children in the understanding of how to approach certain situations with children. Posts consist of ideas for education of children and activities.

  25. Kate’s Club

    Kate’s Club is a non-profit organization created to help children and teens who have lost a family member. Site visitors will discover helpful information on healing as well as resources for seeking help.

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Sometimes life just takes sharp turn, and people need someone to talk to about it. Not all counseling is for a specific type of difficulty or illness. Talking to a counselor can be a way of avoiding difficulties and staying healthy and mentally fit, rather than treating an acute problem that has already shown itself.

  1. All Things Private Practice

    This site is run by a professional, Tamara G. Suttle, M.Ed., LPC, who specializes in consulting and teaching marketing strategies to health care professionals. She also maintained her own private practice in 1991. Her site offers helpful insight on both the personal and professional struggles of being a counselor.

  2. Sex Treatment with Dorothy Hayden

    This site is dedicated to helping those who are trying to overcome a sex addiction. It provides information about the nature of the addiction itself as well as helpful advice on healing and working through this condition.

  3. Sarah Mortimer Hypnotherapy Blog

    Sarah Mortimer is a hypnotherapist who discusses hypnotherapy, the solution focused-approach, mental health, and positive thoughts. Readers will find helpful advice on battling everyday issues, mental health illness, and addictions by using hypnotherapy.

  4. The Hypnotherapy Team

    This hypnotherapy blog is centered on cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy. Contributors discuss using cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy in modern counseling and therapy and how people can heal from these practices.

  5. Focus on Change Hypnotherapy

    This site puts great focus on the deeper understanding of the human mind and spirit through studies and training in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family systems, and solution focused therapy practices. It has helpful advice and tips on using these types of therapies to live a happy and healthy life.

  6. Hypnotherapy Services

    This site teaches the many different uses and benefits of hypnotherapy, and how it is being used in modern therapy. Readers can learn how to reprogram their minds using hypnotherapy to heal mental illness, drop addictions, and become a happier person.

  7. Sacramento Hypnotherapy

    The professionals who run this site seek to assist people to help them rise above their fears, limits, and negative thoughts. This site offers insight on creating a more peace of mind for someone who is working on breaking a bad habit, creating a new positive one, or working towards personal goals.

  8. Relationship Counseling and Resources for Couples

    This site is meant to be a valuable resource for people who need help healing their relationships. Readers will find advice and tools for repairing relationships, making major decisions as a couple, and how to be a better partner.

  9. Guy Stuff Counseling & Coaching

    The Guy Stuff Counseling & Coaching site is designed specifically for men and the women who love them and want to help. It focuses on topics from a male perspective and offers advice that is specific to helping men grow and heal.

  10. American Mental Health Counselors Association

    AMHCA is a large community of over 6,500 clinical mental health counselors who strive to provide a voice for the mental health profession. It is meant to help counselors grow and provides them with valuable resources to flourish in their field.

  11. American Psychiatric Association

    This is the website for the American Psychiatric Association, which is the world’s largest psychiatric organization. On this site, visitors will find a wide variety of information on mental conditions, laws, resources, and healing.

  12. American Psychological Association

    The is the website for the organization, The American Psychological Association, which is the largest scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the USA. On this website, users can find the most comprehensive bank of psychological topics and resources.

  13. Psychotherapy

    This site is the product of a group of experts and professionals in the psychotherapy field who seek to share their expertise with others. The topics found on this website are mainly focused on the practice of psychotherapy itself and provides resources and information on running a practice.

  14. Counseling Resource

    This site a very good tool for counselors, and people who are seeking help through counseling practices. Users can take psychological self-tests and quizzes, check symptoms, check medications, compare types of counseling, and learn about online therapy.

  15. Online Therapy Institute Blog

    Visitors will find a lot of information about online therapy when they browse this site. It has resources that explain the technicalities of offering online therapy and how to run an internet practice.

  16. Reclaiming Sexual Sanity–A Guide to Sex Addiction Recovery

    This blog is written by a sex addiction expert and readers can get a professional perspective to the sex addiction recovery process. Readers will find information about the emotional aspect of sex addiction and recovery, and how it impacts those around the addict.

  17. Professional Development Resources

    This website is based on the non-profit organization, Professional Development Resources, which offers health care professionals continued education. Accredited courses are available from the site for virtually all specialties in the mental health care arena.

  18. Good Therapy

    This site is dedicated to helping people find quality therapy and therapist for individuals, couples, or groups. It also has information and advice on how to handle common stressful situations.

  19. International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals

    This site is dedicated to helping people learn about sex addiction and helps them connect with professionals who can help them recover. It also provides information on diagnosis and resources for loved ones and family members of an addict.

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