5 Free Online Videos to Learn About Mental Health

Mental health is known to be a level of cognitive or emotional well-being or the absence of a mental disorder. In psychology, it is learned as a discipline of positive psychology or holism mental health as an individual’s ability to enjoy life and procure a balance between life activities and efforts to achieve psychological resilience. As a mental health counselor, you work with patients, whether it’s an individual, a group or a family, in order to treat emotional disorders and to improve and promote mental health.

These five videos offer an incredible amount of insight and information into mental health studies, research, treatment and wellness to give you a better understanding of the importance of maintaining good mental health.

  1. Healthy Place: This is one of the largest consumer health sites on the internet, and it provides authoritative information and support for people suffering from mental health issues. It provides comprehensive, authoritative information on psychological disorders, psychiatric medications, and other mental health treatments. You can find interesting videos pertaining to mental health at HealthyPlace TV.
  2. Real Mental Health: This is one of the first social networking sites that focuses on mental health treatment and wellness. This online community delivers knowledge and learning and encourages people to learn as much as possible about mental health, so people can seek knowledge and learn about mental health treatment. It contains many videos about various treatment therapies available.
  3. Home Study Continuing Education Videos: These continuing education videos are approved by the NBCC (National Board for Certified Counselors), which is the largest certification group for master level counselors. Each psychology DVD or video tape contains around one hour of continuing education instruction.
  4. Depression & Mental Health Video Lessons: These mental health videos are an extension of the documentary film ‘Food Matters’, which puts special emphasis on mental health issues. These videos are a collection of interviews with leading nutritionists, naturopaths, scientists, MDs and medical journalists, and they focus on various aspects of depression and mental health.
  5. Mental Health Campaign: The Time to Change mental health campaign recently started two online viral videos as a way to start learning programs in order to challenge the stigma surrounding mental illness. In both videos, they explain common misconceptions, for example, that people with schizophrenia are prone to violence. They go on to suggest what they believe the proper treatment for schizophrenia should be.