27 Awesome Android Apps That Will Inspire You Every Day

Inspiration comes in many forms for people. Some individuals respond to exercise, while others might respond to affirmations or scripture. If you are a counselor, you might find the following 27 Android apps motivational for yourself or for your clients, and they are intended to inspire users emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Take your pick — and let these apps pick up your day!

Mental Motivation

  1. BelieveBelieve It: You Will Achieve: Use this app to start believing in yourself and in what you want to achieve in life. You get ten ways to start taking control, to empower your communication and many more motivational tools.
  2. Bible Verses: If you want daily or hourly inspiration from the Bible, this app can provide you with a new Bible verse each time you launch it.
  3. BrainCourage: This app contains secrets for becoming a hero at work and at home. Daily business, leadership, time management, decision making, inspirational quotes and a professional reflections management tool for your ideas and thoughts! Empower yourself!
  4. C.S. Lewis Daily Inspiration: Receive daily inspiration and wisdom from world renowned author C.S. Lewis. Simply open up your app each day and see what C.S. Lewis has to say against a beautiful scenic background.
  5. Daily: Use this app as a tool to track, remember and motivate yourself to daily tasks. Keep track of New Year’s resolutions, stop smoking, exercise or just get the job done so you have more time for yourself.
  6. ePrayer: If you have too much to pray about, let this app help you. Dedicate the prayer to a given purpose, then let the app perform virtual prayers as well as intercessions. This feat is accomplished by an invocation of Christian saints.
  7. Get Inspired: Carpe Diem! Share these inspirational quotes with your friends and add your own favorite motivational and inspirational quotes.
  8. Gandhi Inspirational Quotes: Get inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi, also known as father of Non-violence movement in India. You can save your favorite quotes or send your favorites to friends via email.
  9. iFundamentals: Tap into over 2,500 awesome leadership quotes at the swipe of your finger. Use them for motivation, meetings, training or fun.
  10. QuotesInspirational Quotes: Use this app to find the frame of mind you need to put that positive energy into the universe! Produced by House of Unexpected, which contains numerous quotes apps.
  11. Living an Inspired Life: It’s great to be inspired, but it’s just as great — if not more so — to inspire others. This eBook app can show you how you can go about achieving both these results.
  12. QuoteActions: This app, which consists of over 500 motivational quotes, also includes actions to help you make those inspirations a reality. By doing the recommended action for the quote of the day, people find themselves making positive changes in their personal and business lives.
  13. Reinventing Yourself: This app may help you become the person you always wanted to be, including increasing your self esteems.
  14. Tony Wrighton: Be Inspired: Tony Wrighton is the UK’s best-selling self-development audiobook author and his techniques have helped hundreds of thousands of people to feel more inspired. Now he presents his new incredible app, Inspiration in 7 days.
  15. Vince Lombardi Quotes: Includes all the famous quotes of Vince Lombardi! Vince Lombardi has quotes about true winners, measure of a person, leadership, and inspiration.
  16. Womenspire: Chwarae Teg, the Welsh charity championing women’s economic development, has developed the ‘Womenspire’ app to enable women across Wales to share their inspirations. The app allows women to access hundreds of inspirational quotes from famous women and to post their own stories of inspiration onto a dedicated website.

Physical Inspiration

  1. BodySpace: From BodyBuilding.com, this app provides constant access to the world’s largest online health and fitness network (BodySpace) and complete, detailed instruction on all your favorite exercises. Stay connected, motivated, and inspired with non-stop access to your profile.
  2. Calorie Counter — MyFitnessPal: The reason this system is so easy to use is because it learns from you! If you tend to eat the same foods over time, MyFitnessPal.com remembers what you’ve eaten and makes it easy for you to add those foods again to your log. The more you track your meals, the easier tracking becomes.
  3. Exercise Motivation Hypnosis: Can’t seem to get up off the couch to exercise? Use this app to motivate your active side. This single session hypnotherapy audio is designed to get you off the couch and out there exercising like you know you should.
  4. FitSyncFitSync Premium: Create or pick from 2000+ exercises, videos, 700 workouts, 80 fitness plans, track your progress and compare and share with a worldwide community. This app was featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Muscle & Fitness, among other top newspapers and magazines.
  5. Go Swim: This app, developed by Mobile Roadie, is the easiest way for you to connect with all that Go Swim has to offer. You get free weekly inspiration, free drills with video, the latest swimming news and more.
  6. How to lose weight: Get new articles frequently from top fitness experts and find the motivation you need to lose those extra pounds.
  7. Quit smoking: This app may just be the motivation you need to stop smoking. You can keep track of time passed, money saved and trigger a points competition for a personal high score. You also get milestones with medals and notifications.
  8. Relaxus: Beautiful sounds provide the most ideal way to relieve stress and bring about a restful sleep. This app also includes melodies that can lead you beyond the sphere of your daily life to the path of interior blooming. With relaxation and meditation, you feel your inspiration and dreams soar.
  9. Sport & Fitness Excellence: Many people stop training if they get bored or if they don’t get results quickly, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Darren Marks, one of UK’s leading hypnotherapists was described in Yoga Magazine as “The ultimate in self help…the high quality recordings entertain, relax, entrance and help get results rapidly.”
  10. Training Records: Use this app to inspire and motivate you to get into better shape. Record sports such as walking, running, swimming, bicycling — all separately. Input creates graphs and displays ranking.
  11. Weight Loss Sensei: Get your own personal health coach to inspire you to physical greatness. Weight Loss Sensei is a holistic approach developed by Sensei’s physicians, behavioral psychologists and dietitians promoting healthy nutrition and lifestyle change.