Top 50 Web Forums for Counseling, Advice and Support

The African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”, can also pertain to communities that support individuals in the middle of divorce, parenting issues, relationship problems, depression and crisis. That’s what these top 50 Web forums are all about — online villages that are suited for counseling, advice and support. All the forums listed here are moderated, sometimes by expert counselors and at other times by community members.

The following list is categorized, and each link is listed alphabetically within those categories.

MarriageMulti-topic Relationship Forums

  1. About Marriage Forum: This marriage forum is moderated by guides Sheri and Bob Stritof.
  2. eHealth Relationships and Marriage Forum: This is a health community that talks about physical, mental and emotional relationship issues.
  3. Family, Marriage and Divorce Forum: The Law Web site offers this forum for individuals who seek legal information about family, marriage and divorce.
  4. Family Law and Divorce Forum: Offered by ExpertLaw, this forum tackles topics you might expect during marriage or divorce or even as a single family member.
  5. LoveShack: This site carries forums on all phases and types of relationships from business and professional to parenting, divorce and second chances.
  6. Marriage Builder Discussion Forums: You can find help here as it relates to the principles found in the concepts, articles and Q&A columns at the Marriage Builders’ Web site.
  7. Marriage Helper Forums: Marriage Helper’s Joe Beam creates seminars and discussions on relationship issues and solutions. Topics include engagement, affairs, relationship dynamics and more.
  8. MedHelp Communities: This site carries two forums — one for community and one for professional advice. Topics include health as well as relationships and family.
  9. Talk About Marriage: The moderators interpret the word “marriage” loosely, recognizing that many different people from different cultures view marriage differently.
  10. You Are Not Alone: This forum covers a lot of ground, from dating to relationships and from suicide to jealousy.

DepressionDepression and Suicide Prevention

  1. About Depression Forum: This forum is moderated by an active forum member who works for About’s Depression Guide, Nancy Schimelpfening.
  2. Beating the Beast Depression Support Forum: There are many threads in this depression support forum, covering all sorts of struggles encountered when depressed.
  3. Blue People Depression and Mental Illness Forum: Use this forum for help and support when you feel anxious, blue or depressed.
  4. Depression Forums: This is a very active depression and mental health social community support group.
  5. Forum for Suicide Survivors: Hosted by the Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors, this forum focuses on loss and healing.
  6. Mixed Nuts Depression and Bipolar Information and Chat: Use this site to find information about depressive disorders and to look up suicide crisis phone numbers worldwide.
  7. Suicide Forum (.com): This is a forum for people in crisis, including support for loved ones from people who have attempted suicide in the past.
  8. Suicide Forum (.net): This is another forum where individuals and loved ones can find support.
  9. Take This Life Depression Forums: You can find a wide variety of sub-forums on this list, including eating disorders, health issues, love and relationships and more.
  10. Wing of Madness Depression Support Forum: Join in the support forums or take advantage of live chats, all maintained by the Wing of Madness Depression Guide.

Domestic ViolenceMental and Physical Health

  1. Daily Strength Online Support Groups: Browse +500 communities of people with similar life challenges, medical conditions, and mental health issues to find people who understand exactly what you’re going through.
  2. Healing Well Forum: This forum covers everything from AIDS/HIV to ulcerative colitis. This is an active forum, supported by Healing Well Web site.
  3. Health Boards: This site carries forums for men, for women and for relationship health, with over 150 message boards on various diseases, conditions and health topics.
  4. Mental Earth Community: MEC’s mission and motto is to provide support for people with mental illnesses / mental disorders and for those recovering as well as their families, friends and mental health providers.
  5. Mental Health Community: This forum deals with a variety of mental health issues, including learning disabilities, paranoia, dementia and eating disorders.
  6. Mental Health Forums: If you suffer from anxiety or need support with eating issues or from panic attacks, you can find support here.
  7. Nat Med Talk: These forums cover everything natural regarding mental health, health insurance, alternative therapies and more.
  8. Psych Central Forums: These forums cover mental health issues, but they also address treatments and self-care strategies, physical health and other issues.
  9. PsychForums: Topics in these forums include, but are not limited to, sexuality, anxiety, abuse, personality and addiction disorders.
  10. Revolution Health: This site offers a “Mental and behavioral health community” where readers can ask questions and receive responses.
  11. Uncommon Knowledge Forums: These forums tackle mental health, personal development and self help topics with strong community support.

ChildrenParenting Forums

  1. Around the Dinner Table: This forum offers support for parents and caregivers of kids with anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders.
  2. College Confidential Parents Forum: Join in on the discussions with other parents who are worried about college life, costs and grades.
  3. DownSyn Forum: This forum is geared toward parents and caregivers of children with Down Syndrome.
  4. Foster Parents Forum: Learn about foster parenting successes and obstacles through the support and advice offered through this forum.
  5. Nineline: Covenant House carries forums that range from family issues to runaways and other topics for kids and caregivers.
  6. Parent-2-Parent: Parents support parents in this forum that focuses on parenting, kids, home life, children’s health and more.
  7. Parent-Forum: Parents have their own spaces to talk and the family talk section is divided by age level.
  8. Parenting Forums: This forum carries topics on education, step-parenting and advice for various developmental stages, up to young adult.
  9. Single Parents Forum: Tackle single-parenting issues such as custody, separation, adoption, child support and more in this active forum.
  10. Time 4 Learning: This forum focuses on kids, education and parenting with other parents, including work-at-home moms and working parents.

AngerDivorce Forums

  1. About Divorce Support Forums: This forum helps individuals navigate the divorce process and move on to a new life.
  2. Dad’s Divorce: This forum is geared specifically to men in divorce, with information about alimony, child support, child custody and more for men and fathers at any stage of divorce.
  3. Divorce Busting: Michele Weiner-Davis offers help getting marriages back on track, even when a spouse has one foot out the door.
  4. Divorce Support: You can find threads about life after divorce, dating after divorce, men’s rights and military divorce.
  5. Divorcenet: The moderators are Susie and Otto Collins, married relationship and life success coaches.
  6. E-DivorceTalk: These divorce topics range from child support to mother or father issues and even talks about co-existing with an ex-spouse.
  7. Free Advice Divorce Forums: Learn more about the financial end and legal rights for men, women and any children during and after a divorce from these threads.
  8. Online Divorce Support Forums: These forums may offer support for your divorce process. Topics covered include bankruptcy to women’s rights.
  9. Womans Divorce Forum: Discuss your troubles, compare ex-spouses, offer suggestions and share stories with other women on this forum.